Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we order food & drinks?

Food & Drink can be ordered through the QR system from the comfort of your own table or booth

Q. Do you accept cash payments?

We are a fully cashless venue & have a contact free service via our online ordering platform & QR code system

Q. Will there be social distancing?

Until advised otherwise, all of our visitors will be asked to adhere to our set of rules on social distancing

Q. What are our opening times?

12pm-11pm Sunday to Thursday
12pm - 1am Friday and Saturday
Times may change, please call ahead before your visit for clarification.

Q. Do I need to book?

Due to government guidelines, reservations must be made at Cranside Kitchen & Garden

Q. Where is the nearest car park

Tunnel Street car park is located next to Cranside Kitchen.
Please Note: Cranside Kitchen DO NOT operate or own this car park & the rules outlined on the signage must be followed.

Q. Is there a time limit on reservations?

You will be able to reserve your table for up to two hours depending on your group size

Q. Are you dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome in our beer garden only.

Q. How big is Cranside Kitchen?

Our garden can accommodate over 200 guests

Q. Are children allowed at Cranside?

Yes, everyone is welcome. Childern are permitted on site until 9pm

Q. Can we order from multiple kithens

When ordering from multiple kitchens, please be aware the food will arrive at different times

Q. What drinks are available?

Our cocktail and drinks menu will feature classics including a Negroni, Margarita and Mojito as well as wine and spirits. Our outdoor garden bar will serve draught beers and ciders

Q. Should I wear a mask?

Under new guidelines, all customers must wear a mask when entering the venue & not seated.

Q. What covid related safety measures do you have at Cranside Kitchen?

All our staff will be wearing gloves and safety masks. All surfaces that could possibly be touched by both our team and our guests (tables, menus, plates, cutlery, serviettes, chairs, door handles, serving trays, glasses, card machines, toilets etc.) are either single use or are cleaned & disinfected between sittings, every 1.5 hours/2 hours. All staff members have completed on site training on COVID-19 safety within the workplace. All staff are also temperature checked at the beginning of their shift

Q. I’m worried about big groups being sat near me?

We’ll be restricting numbers and ensuring groups coming together stay separate from other guests. We will look after you and remind all guests that you need to be seated at all times during your visit.

Q. Will I be under cover at Cranside Kitchen?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather so wear what’s appropriate for your visit. Whilst you’ll be under cover we can’t guarantee it will be warm or 100% dry.

Q. Do I need to bring proof of ID?

Yes, it is advised that all guests 25 and under bring photographic ID with them to Cranside Kitchen. This could be a passport or driving licence.

Q. Do Customers need to be seated when drinking at Cranside Kitchen?

Yes. This is our condition and is designed to address the potential for public nuisance and health and safely for all guests on site.